Camaleon LED Instructions

Camaleon lights are pre programmed, they require no ‘flasher box’ just a power supply.
The LED’s come pre programmed and we sell three automatic programs and there is one program for
single colour LED’s.
The available programs are:
Name Program size
F+ 1-16
H. 1-24
G. 1-48
Single colour
J 1-16
For example program F+ is available in numbers 1-16 and are installed in numerical order to create a
group. The group is then repeated as many times that is required on a project.
This is an example of how to install the F+ program on a single row project

This is how you would install the F+ program on a project with multiple rows

To decide what you need you will need to look at your project and count how many LED’s are needed.
If your starting from scratch and can choose how many LED’s to install, then plan to install them in
multiples of the program you want to choose, i.e if choosing an LED with program H plan to install a
number of bulbs that can be divided by 24.
We usually recommend planing your project from the centre and work your way out to the end.
If your updating your existing LED’s and the LED’s you have can’t be install in multiples of the
equivalent program we have still have solutions, contact us with your requirements and we can help you
by coming up with a bespoke plan for your LED’s